Monday, November 20, 2017

FCCS - what if parent accounts are not populating?

Working on a FCCS project and came across an issue. Built the main income statement hierarchy using the seeded hierarchy and that worked well. Created a second, alternate hierarchy using shared members and the shared members worked well but the parents of those shared members had no data. Using the new simplified dimension editor (which currently doesn't allow you to add a shared member so you have to use the old one but anyway) all of the attributes looked good. Got some help from a friend at Oracle and turns out there is a property that needed changing. And the best place to do it, right now, is the dimension editor in Smart View.

In our case the parent accounts, like 4050000, had no data. You think setting the Default Data Storage (shown twice in columns C and G) as Dynamic Calc would be enough but it's not. If you look at the columns, there is one that doesn't show in the simplified editor called Consol Data Storage - column F. For the parents this needs to be Dynamic Calc as shown. When the hierarchy wasn't working it was Never Share.  So, click the cell, get the dropdown and change to Dynamic Calc (or copy/paste) and then click Submit and refresh the database.

Overall I'm having fun with FCCS but it does remind me of the first year or two of HFM, where Enterprise was so mature and HFM was less so. But I'm also seeing a faster ramp-up of FCCS compared to HFM, so that's good.

Have fun!

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