Thursday, November 30, 2017

FCCS - First Look at Advanced Consolidations

The December 2017 update to FCCS will include advanced consolidation, meaning support for multiple types of ownership in the entity hierarchy. This is a first look at the function. For users of HFM and Enterprise, this will look very familiar.

First, when the update rolls out, it has to be enabled in Enable Features. This can be done without rebuilding the application.

There are two main screens that show the feature. The first is Manage Ownerships.

First, use the point of view to select the entity hierarchy, scenario, year, and period. Then you can adjust the ownership percentage, control (yes/no), and consolidation method (more on this below). This does allow organization by period (where an entity may roll into a parent one period but not the next).

The next relevant screen is Manage Methods (selected from the Actions dropdown above). Methods define different types of consolidations.

For each method, ownership ranges can be assigned to determine when a method should be assigned to a relationship. The methods can also be selected manually in the Manage Ownership screen above.

The calculations, target accounts, etc. for each method are seeded, meaning not changeable. This is expected to change soon, where customers can configure what happens.

Looks solid!

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