Wednesday, May 23, 2018

FCCS - Autonomous Consolidations

One of the newer additions to FCCS is autonomous consolidations. The typical user pattern since MicroControl days has been to input data and then run a consolidation. With this feature, the second part of that just happens. So, here's how to turn it on.

From the Navigator (hamburger) menu icon select Consolidation under the Application heading. From the vertical tabs on the left, click the second one for Autonomous Consolidation.

Above is the resulting screen. Use the POV to select the year, period, and scenario and then on the right click Turn On. When doing so, the following prompt will appear.

Click Confirm. Now the process is running, based on data input.

What to do for the next period? Come back to the screen and change the POV to the next period. After clicking Go, this prompt appears.

It would not surprise me if incrementing the period shows up as a close task or an EPM automate command in the future.