Monday, October 28, 2019

FCCS - Metadata out of sync

It's really rare that this happens, but it happened to me so I wanted to share it with everyone in case someone else runs into it and you'll know what's going on. First, check out this screenshot from the data status grid.

The first two rows are level zero / base level members. For this post ignore row two. The third row is the parent. The fourth row is the parent's parent (in this case it is FCCS_Total Geography). Note that the first row shows a data status of impacted, the third row shows no data, and the fourth row shows OK. With the first row being impacted, the third and fourth rows should be impacted as well, but they're not. If the fourth row is OK, then the first and third rows should be OK too, but they're not.

Talked with someone at Oracle and it turns out this happens if the metadata in Essbase gets out of sync with the metadata in the relational database. Again, really rare. There isn't anything that an administrator can do to correct this: force consolidate, refresh database, reset service, etc. do not address this (I tried). The only options are to (a) get Oracle involved or (b) rebuild the app.

Fortunately, it sounds like this problem will be addressed soon (I make no guarantees on the if and when). In the meantime, should you see this situation, now you'll know.