Thursday, June 26, 2014

KScope14 - a great conference

Just returning home from KScope14 in Seattle and thinking about how great a conference it was. KScope has grown with the EPM material that gets covered. A lot of the presentations tell you not only what can be done but goes through how to do it! Didn't hear anyone complain about the lack of good sessions to attend.

I did three sessions this year - two presentations and one hands-on class. The presentations were on HFM metadata diagnostics (basically using rules so that HFM tells you what's wrong) and Calculation Manager (in context for those still using Classic script). The hands-on session, which I think is the best bargain at KScope and the one that people underutilize (after all, you can download all the PPTs for the sessions which you didn't attend), dealt with rounding. We went through four different ways people deal with it and everyone was hands-on with the software.

Here's a link to YouTube where I talked about what I was up to:

All were well attended (though there was room in the hands-on for more) and I got nice feedback - always good to hear that someone valued what you had to say.

I'm already thinking of what I can present next year in Hollywood FL at KScope15. Plan on coming and go to for more details.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hi. I've been a long time HFM consultant and thought I'd create a blog to share things I've learned - and new stuff too! We'll see where this goes!