Wednesday, December 18, 2019

HFM 11.2 - New Features!

The on-premise Oracle EPM product suite was upgraded today to release 11.2. This long awaited release is primarily a technical upgrade for a lot of back end technology. That all said, there are two new HFM features.

First, in Task Audit, there are additional tasks that are now logged.

  • Journal Period Opened
  • Journal Period Closed
  • Data Locked
  • Data Unlocked

The data lock/unlock tasks also include the point of view being acted upon. It's not clear but I'm hoping the journal scenario/year/period is also captured.

Second, there are two new configuration settings related to calculations.

  • MaxNumConcurrentCalculations - sets the number of concurrent calcs allowed per server per application. The default is 8.
  • ConcurrentCalculationWaitTimeInSecond - If the max above is reached and someone then starts another calc, this setting controls how long they wait before the calc times out. If a calc times out, then a message is entered in the system log with the point of view details. The default is 30 seconds. By setting the value to -1, the system will wait indefinitely until another calc finishes.

I've lived without these two features but I can understand and appreciate their usefulness. Looking forward to seeing what else is included with version 11.2.