Monday, September 15, 2014

HFM Admin Training Manual Updated

One of the things I do is write and teach some of the Oracle Hyperion courses for 123OLAP. They have admin and end user level training courses on most of the Hyperion products. What's most unique about them compared to most available training options is the courses are written by experienced consultants like me and focus on what students need to know and why, not just what the product does. The facts that the courses are also taught by experienced consultants who can answer basically any question whether it's in the manual or not, the delivery can be onsite, virtual, public or private, and the classes are faster and cheaper than Oracle's are all bonuses.

Lately I've been doing some updates to the HFM Admin Bootcamp manual. I don't know why, but I dread getting into it and making changes but once I do it's really fun for me. After scores of deliveries I'm finally fixing some typos and old product info (remember when the Revenue account type was called Income?). I'm also adding some new content, like the proper use of variables in Calc Manager.

The price stays the same and students get more. What a good deal! For more info go to and contact them with the online form if you need anything.