Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Cloud Customer Connect - Liking Ideas

Hopefully all Oracle cloud customers know about this topic, but maybe not. There is an Oracle website, cloudcustomerconnect.oracle.com, where users can post forum questions and submit enhancement requests (they're called ideas). Oracle staff regularly review the items on CCC and comment. Also, there are webcasts announced via CCC on new product features and other items and the replays of these webcasts are also available.

All of that is good, but there is a feature that doesn't seem to get used all that often. Submitting an idea is good, but it is helpful if others review the idea and like/dislike it. If something is important to all users, then all users should weigh in which would raise the importance of the idea in Oracle's eyes.

For example, I searched this morning for an idea and didn't find it, so I created the idea.

In case you're wondering, yes, you can drill down on shared members in forms but not via Smart View ad hoc or Financial Reporting expansions, both of which are used much more than forms.

If this idea (or any idea that's out there) is important to you, click the green circle with the thumbs up. You're presented with a comment box so you can easily explain why this is important to you. You can also just cancel out of the comment box if you don't wish to leave a comment.

Note you can only like/dislike three ideas within a minute, so go slow and don't get click happy.

If ideas are not supported, then there is a perception that the idea has little importance to the users at large. Oracle reviews the ideas and categorizes them. For example, this idea from 2018 has been tagged as planned. This is also one of the most liked ideas in the FCCS arena, so if only 25 people are weighing in there is a lot of room for improvement in participation.

So, in summary, go to cloudcustomerconnect.oracle.com, use the forum and the webcasts, but also do two things: (a) submit ideas and (b) weigh in on other ideas. Or, to use another term that's popular in the USA periodically, go vote!

P.S. While you're in CCC, if you want to support my idea at the top about drilling down on shared members, it would be much appreciated!!!! Here's the link: