Monday, June 26, 2017

FCCS - Using a company logo

As I spend more and more time with FCCS I'm seeing where there have been lessons learned from the prior products. One of the simple sounding things to do that wasn't all that easy before is customizing the interface to use a company's logo. In the past with HFM, depending on the version, it usually involved replacing the system delivered files with custom ones and then remembering to replace them after each patch or upgrade. Now, with FCCS, it couldn't be easier.

After logging in, click the Tools card (yes, those icons or tiles or buttons are called cards) and then select Appearance.

The appearance window will appear. Specify a URL for the logo and/or background. The Theme refers to the color used for title bars and the like and Shape refers to the button style.

Here, we're just changing the logo image. There is a reset button if you want to restore to the defaults. After clicking OK, the image is brought in and you're done!

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