Tuesday, February 14, 2017

HFM PSU released

The 204 PSU was released today for HFM Below is the list of defects fixed in the patch. Personally, I'm glad to see the issue with extracting data to an Oracle database requiring TNSNAMES getting fixed. This has been a thorn in my side at my current project.

Have fun patching!

Defects Fixed in this patch

Defect Number
Lcm epmhfm-66115: an error occurred reading metadata file content for data form

Hfm journal report:turkish characters are not exported correctly

Email alert doesn't work on entity security class
New option to limit number of concurrent consolidations per user action
Hfm application crashing when using fdmee data extracts
Cannot run consolidation after applying hfm patch from taskflow
Issue with grid-invalid intersection in the pov with psu 203
Getting an error "an invalid security key was specified" in system messages
Consolidations running server out of memory
Submitting cell text in data forms does not work in smartview
Ic reports aborts running reports concurrently

Overlap consolidation is running for wrong parent in process control grid

Error retrieving datagrid in api demo.java sample code

Non admin users are not able to see their "running tasks"
Process level can be promoted even though validation fails
Unknown error happens in metadata load and application crashes
Cannot delete security class from shared services for hfm epmaapp
User getting adf_faces-60097 error opening hfm application from ie11
Hfm application opens to white screen after doing opening journal form filter.
Metadataom.findmembers() returns the member instead of null
Hfm process crashing on startup on exalytics
Hang up in active not turn into failure when stage has an issue like no data file
Hfm dsn export not exporting all member descriptions
Not possible to override system settings - name field in override window is empty
No access/metadata issues when accessing smartview(recurring issue)
Filtering does not work in data audit
Intercompany report uses the wrong column width settings
Unable to promote the entity to next level if using a system defined memberlist
Unable to transform classic hfm linux app to epma
Extract data to oracle db requires tnsnames
Cannot select books when creating related contents in hfm


  1. Hello,
    Did you guys notice HFM Task Flows and HFM Data Extract not working well in patch ?
    We moved from 2.2 release to 2.4 and both Task Flow and HFM Data Extract is taking long time. In 2.2 it took us 1 hour 45 minutes....in 2.4 it takes 5 hours.

  2. Hi. We didn't notice a change. I wonder if your tuning settings got moved over to 2.4. On 2.2. they were registry entries and in 2.4 there's a screen under Consolidation Administration. Should also file an SR with Oracle to see if there is a known issue.