Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Charts in HFM Data Grids

Working with HFM and wanted to do a blog post on charts within data grids. This feature has been out a couple of months and I wanted to show how it works.

First, start with a normal data grid. Over on the display options panel on the right, there is now a chart radio button.

Once the chart is turned on, the chart displays in the window, graphing any data showing in the grid.

The type of chart and the properties can be controlled on the display options panel. Note there are a lot of chart types: some trial and error will be needed to select the appropriate type.

Clicking a bar, line, etc. on the chart will focus on that specific row/column, but drill down is not available by double-clicking the chart like other programs do. For drill downs, click on the legend to the right.

Clicking the legend to do the drill down not only changes what is displayed on the chart but also changes the table display (if showing both the chart and the table).

Overall it looks good and works well. But there is still is no printing - still need to do screen shots!


  1. Hi Eric, unrelated question. 3 of our HFM applications in have alias names assigned to several Custom dimensions. For example, a Custom 1 dimension can be called “Expense". When those 2.1 applications get Imported/Migrated into and the system upgrades them to the newest version, it appears that part of the upgrade process include taking the 2.1 Alias Name and assign it as Custom Name. This results in issues with Smartview because the function formulas will need to be pointed to “Expense#” instead of “Custom1#”. Same problem with the rules file. We need to safely correct the problem. For that there is 1 proposals on the table, and 1 question.
    1) Proposal: Fix the source metadata in by extracting metadata, deleting the custom dimension alias names and reloading into Once that is done, then re-import/migrate into

    2) Question: If we didn’t want to change and repeat the import…. can anything be done directly in to fix it? In other words, is there a method in to change the application profile for Custom dimension alias names? If so, how.

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi. Once the 2.4 application is built, the custom names cannot be changed. You could do a manual upgrade, where you create a new application in 2.4 and call the customs what you want and then extract/load all of the application pieces from 2.1 into the new app. Or, simply have the users change their spreadsheets with a Find and Replace. The rules need to be evaluated and updated anyway as some functions have changed, primarily HS.OpenDataUnit.

      Good luck!