Thursday, March 31, 2016

Book on Rounding and Scaling in Financial Reporting

Hi all. Started something today that I've thought about for a while and hope to expand. I put together a book on Apple's iTunes bookstore - should eventually be available worldwide as it goes through Apple's process. The topic for this book is how to round and scale data in a Financial Reporting report and also addresses making everything foot. It's short, a very specific topic, and hopefully it's useful.

The difference between the book and the blog is I can put more detailed content, pictures, etc. in the book than I would feel comfortable putting in the blog. 

I'm also going to look into cross publishing via Amazon for all of the Kindle users out there. Let's see how this works and then I'll move on to the next topic. If there's something else that I should write about, leave a comment.


  1. Hi Eric.. need to know if Hyperion Financial Management - With HS for Rule Performance is coming in paperback ?

    1. Hi Abhishek. Thanks for reading. That book is just electronic version (Amazon or Apple).