Thursday, January 29, 2015

HFM - Consolidation Administration First Look

Getting my first look at HFM today. Working through building an application and seeing what's new and different there, but in the meantime thought I'd post a teaser.

In Consolidation Administration there are a couple of new items (well, they may have snuck into a release and I may have missed them). First in the System area there is a section called Settings that shows the entries that we typically tweak for performance optimization. With this, it looks like we'll no longer need to go into the registry to make these changes.

Seecond, there is a Profile Editor that allows building the PER file for creating a new classic application. Now there's no need to have the Windows client to do this, but the Windows client is available for for creating the profile and managing metadata (Classic apps). Not seeing a web metadata manager yet so maybe there's no need for the Windows client if you're sticking with a Classic app.

The third thing I see that I think is new - again, I may have missed it - is the Configure DSN option. With this you can set up links for database connections for the export of HFM data to the database/table instead of going to a flat file. This used to be done in the software configurator.

Just a teaser for now. Looking forward to new discoveries on this new version.

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